Holy Week

It’s Holy Week and yet i don’t feel very holy or even the semblance of it, so to speak. My church in houston would have services Sunday – Friday this week(i’m not sure about saturday)(and it would be all vegetarian at the house this week) Good Friday services would be 3 different services so the whole thing was 6 hours long or so. As usual whether i work in a christian industry or not Good Friday is still not a holiday and i’m expected to work the full week which is fine when you’re working in regular corporate America but something i’ve never understood working in the christian industry. It’s not a complaint just a commentary on the way it has been in the past 6 years.

But I have found a church i’m liking a lot. It’s called The Village Chapel It’s rather informal and coming from my very formal background it is rather odd that i’ve enjoyed it as much as i have. I was invited by three friends (1 married couple and 1 other friend) to attend church with them the following sunday. I found out later they both attend the same church but hadn’t met yet. So i head out to church and call one of them and he’s out of town and i call the married couple and they have a guest in town and were unable to attend that sunday (actually these three friends have been unable to attend in the last 3 weeks as well life of a rockstar and all ) . So by this time i’m halfway there and figure

  1. I’m an adult i don’t need someone to hold my hand
  2. It’s church how different can it really be
  3. that i need to stop finding excuses.

The first sunday i was there the pastor asks who was attending for the first time ever to raise their hands and go figure all 5 people in my row raised their hands. Every week i keep meeting people that i’ve met before in different circumstances without knowing that they attended that church. So even though my friends haven’t been able to make it, i’ve run into some acquaintances every week.

But what i really like about the pastor is that he teaches as if it was a bible study instead of the typical entertainment oriented sermon. there are bits of entertainment to keep it interesting but mostly focused on good teaching of the gospel. Which gives me less of an oppurtunity to wig out over some doctrinal issue i might have with him. bonus is that his wife is the one that created the city on a hill artwork which i’m a big fan of ( the albums and the art)

We watched this video at church Sunday it was great.