New Site. Real Nice.

Updated the blog template i’m using last night and today, it has a lot of AJAX and Web 2.0ish components to it. i haven’t decided if i really like it yet. I’m still playing with it and who knows perhaps it will grow on me. Some of the AJAX is cool but i think my webserver isn’t the zippiest on the planet and therefore it doesn’t feel like AJAX.
Turned in my work mobile phone today. So if you don’t have my old cell number let me know and i’ll send it to you or if you just want my number let me know (only if you’re uber cute, female and single).

I haven’t found any real prospects for jobs yet but i’m just enjoying each day as it comes. All in all today was a good day especially since THE ROCKET signed with the Astros.
Here’s verse from a chapter that helped me keep it together the past month and a half.

Matt 6: 34 Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about its own things. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.

Summer Of John

Today is my first real day of being unemployed, i’m sitting on my bum on my couch and not being productive at all. (i guess that is a perk of being unemployed)

With all the events of the past 5-6 weeks I really needed a break so last wednesday i took off for a few days of R&R in NYC with some friends. Thursday and friday I was out and about in the city just relaxing. Friday was a lot of fun as festivities started a little after noon and kept on going until the wee hours of the morning. I believe a good time was had by all as my worlds collided. Tara Leigh, Basim and 4 of my good (brown) friends had dinner here. Good food, excellent surroundings, and good friends – a great way to start the summer of John.

Saturday morning found me on a plane from NY -> Chicago -> Nashville. Where I was promptly picked up (by Tim and Brian) and headed off to the Cincinnati/Kentucky area to catch a couple MLB games (Reds). it was good to see some major league baseball as its been over a long time since i’ve been to an Astros game. The play was sloppy ( reds vs dbacks) and it was mighty hot, the Great American Ballpark is nice but they haven’t quite understood the benefits of the retractable roof and air conditioning. Sunday’s afternoon game was a much better game to watch, with the reds winning in the bottom of the ninth with a homer. Hot dogs, beer, soda and the requisite warm sack of salty nuts were enjoyed by all. Lots of traveling but time spent with good friends is always time well spent.
I really did need some time away to decompress and and get my bearings… Tomorrow i’ll try to spend less time on the couch.
I got this quote today from a good friend that was just what i needed:

“don’t place a period where God has placed a comma”

I wish I knew how to quit you.

At times it is puzzling to me how things that should be relatively easy and simple become complicated. Keep it easy and simple everyone wins. Complicate things and who knows what the results could be.
After nearly six years my time at GrassrootsMusic has come to an end today. Sadly under the worst of all circumstances and eerily much like the last meltdown two years ago. I have neither the strength, inclination or even the oppurtunity to try to save it again. It is odd when the owner of the company wakes up one day and decides not to be in business anymore. We found out on Maundy Thursday that something was up and it has gone on since then… Everyday coming into the office fully realizing it could be our last day.
I suppose i’m at a crossroads. I’ve spent a lot of time in the past six years working on the site and I’m not really sure what to do with all the free time that will soon be available to me. Right now I’m looking for jobs, sending out resumes and hoping for interviews.

eh.. i can’t really type anymore.. but i will be updating this post.

But first a vacation in NYC .. to decompress and unwind..The Summer of John has begun.