Thought Balloons

This morning i had an entertaining meeting where i was able to interact with someone new. Within minutes of my arrivalĀ  I was insulted by this person whom I had just met, so we were already off to an inauspicious start. He posed a question to me a few minutes later, though i doubt he really understood the breadth and scope of the question and the answer it required. I hesistated in forming a response and before I could utter a word he interrupts with, ” I need a yes or a no and i don’t need pensive look.” the thought bubble going through my head at the time was…

actually @$$hole i was trying to gauge how much of an idiot you are so i can dumb the answer down so you could even remotely understand…

at least he was helpful, obviously he can only understand monosyllabic words.

By the way the answer was – Yes.

Six Years

Today has had a bit of melancholy to it, somewhat bittersweet. Today marked my sixth anniversary of being with and of course there’s no one left that would even remember that. Regardless i have lot’s of good memories, it’s just odd to think how much my life has changed in the past 6 years. I know that I am where i’m supposed to be and in some ways feel called to it. Looking back at my life i haven’t really been attached to anything for six years. Another milestone in the books.

What have you been at for 6 years or more?