My friend scored free tickets to the hockey game tonight. Yes, nashville has a NHL hockey team. It was a preseason game but still it was a preseason game and i had nothing better to do especially as the beloved Astros weren’t playing on TV. Thankfully they won and kept our slim hopes alive for another day. So during the game i was keeping track of the Astro’s progress via mobile and watching the predator’s pound Atlanta (some irony there).

We were milling around after the 2nd period and were talking about how it sucked that the Card’s won today and that they should have never pitched to pujol’s , in the prior game, in the 9th inning and a couple of attractive but inebriated ladies nearby overheard us and left us two memorable quotes.
“Pujol’s! I love Pujol’s, well i don’t like it in the poo hole but i love Pujol’s”

“I was just trying to be obedient and said sure i’ll BLOW !”

the last quote was in reference to her field sobriety test and DUI arrest where she blew a (in her words) “point one point 6 . TWICE the legal limit”.

Thankfully for all of us they take a cab everywhere now.

Welcome Back, Dovie!

a pic from paige’s party when i was in houston a few weeks ago. It was great to see my peeps particularily the diaspora who were in town (dovie and dr. dennis). Good food, good beverages, good company = good times. (more pics and stuff to come)
I’m actually back in houston this weekend for my parent’s 35th wedding anniversary but it’s looking like no one will be in town. nonetheless i will be in Texas and thats pretty freaking awesome as it is.