The Last Pumpkin

So after the Texans game downtown i headed over to the Forth’s for pumpkin carving madness and all around good times. I had planned to stop by the K-roger near their place to pick up a pumpkin. As i was on my way Crystal called and informed me that there were no pumpkins to be had in her neighborhood and if i could pick one up for her. Thinking this wouldn’t be an issue i gladly agreed. But who knew that there is a pumpkin shortage in Nashville. I’m sure it’s a supply chain issue as i could easily drive by a farm that grows pumpkins on my route to work. They really should figure out what brown could do for them and their supply chain issues as it’s ridiculous to lose out on pumpkin sales at the height of pumpkin selling season.

All they had was some tiny pumpkins and some very small pumpkins that someone drew on. After Crystal’s tiny baking experiments i figured the tiny pumpkin would be funny as well as the small pumpkin for her to actually carve. ( i decided to pass on the pumpkin carving as i do not have the carving skills to carve a tiny or small pumpkin) . So i texted her with the information that i got her the last pumpkin on earth. This is what she did with it… Quite lovely (without the proper tools to do this type of carving too )

to see the rest of the pumpkins that were carved tonight. . click here.
And no i’m not disappointed that i didn’t get to carve a pumpkin myself, I’m just glad i was part of the process of pumpkins being carved, games being played, pumpkin seeds being toasted. All in all it was a great weekend.

What’s new?

the other day botso asked what was new with me and i said not much.

then after further review realized this weekend was rather full

friday night – good margaritas and bad mexican food with friends

saturday – Jack Daniel’s BBQ cookoff and distillery tour. the cookoff and bbq wasn’t as spectacular as i had hoped but the distillery tour was more impressive than i had imagined.

saturday night – Corn Maze It was cold and dark but lots of fun. in hindsight needed to be fueled by more JD or JW.

Sunday Morning- Fall Back! though i still woke up at my usual time.. i’ll appreciate it more as the days progress.

Sunday – Texans vs. Titans. though it’s hard to get excited about football for me these days. i’ve always gotten free tickets to the titans vs. texans game since i’ve moved to Tennessee and thanks to kindness of friends, unexpectedly, i have nice tickets today.

Sunday evening – Pumpkin Carving at the Forth’s – I only carved my first pumpkin ever last halloween so this is a treat for my somewhat stunted childhood.

turns out my not much is much more than nothing.