Call it what you will, but i’ve always had a tough time with schedules. Perhaps i’ve just been overly confident of my ability to get from point A to point B despite the laws of physics and highway speed limits. More than likely it’s my total dislike for mornings, procrastination and my issues with getting to sleep at a decent hour.

Oddly enough I’m liking my new early schedule, though I still don’t enjoy getting up early.

Things are good and I am appreciating the journey.

Winter of Discontent

After 6.5 years working with grm (i didn’t link it because its ghastly now) today was my last day associated with the site and my last day in so called christian music.

Monday I start an exciting new chapter of life and some interesting challenges here in TN. Knowing that this sounds arrogant i’ll go ahead and say it, in ways I’ve been prepared for this new position all my life and I honestly can’t imagine someone more suited for it than me.

The last few weeks have been rather hectic. The actual story is rather incredible and more proof how God can use jackasses for his purpose (even a jackass like me) — but i can’t get into it on the blog.

Contact me for my new phone number and the story if you haven’t heard it already.


i’ve made significant progress in regards to 2007 Goals
For all the naysayers.. It’s a goal,  goals aren’t todo lists.. and sometimes you do have to aim high and others there aren’t appreciable benchmarks along the way sometimes things happen other times they don’t regardless of effort, with that being said I feel like i have made appreciable progress on 13 of the 21 goals i listed out in that post.

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks and I must say without going into detail – good things are on the horizon, I’m 10 beers away from having my second UFO/saucer plate. (party is in mid march– all are welcome) and Rob is in town.