2007 Year In Review

Worst of 2007

  • having to look for a new job – thankfully the job search only lasted 4 calendar days
  • because of above not moving back to texas this summer as I had originally hoped
  • slight fender bender in atlanta
  • discovered more gray hairs
  • for the first time in 8 years did not visit NYC

07 was thankfully short on the bad

Best of 2007

  • finding a new job that I enjoy
  • buying a condo
  • golf game improved by 10 strokes
  • watched tiger woods play golf in person
  • developing stronger friendships with old friends, new friends and family
  • and many more…

things to do in 2008

  • get LASIK’ed
  • break 30 minutes in the 5k
  • run 1 – 10k
  • drop 10 more lbs and get stronger
  • travel more
  • get better at cooking and photography
  • decorate the new place
  • and lots of other things…

Happy New Year to all!