inspired to be eurotrashy

Back in april i had a chance to visit Anthony Bourdain’s old restaurant Brasserie Les Halles. The food was excellent and moderately priced for Manhattan, needless to say i’ve paid more for poorly executed food in Nashville. The frites and steak were great but I’m writing today about the pre-meal bread basket. More specifically the butter. Honestly I can’t recall eating a more buttery butter, which made me realize i’ve been short changing myself on a basic ingredient in cooking. The typical butters i’ve had in my fridge frankly don’t deserve to be called butter.

Hence the quest for real tasty butter. which led me to Kerrygold Pure Irish Butter

So i sought it out at the store, bought a baguette and while I was at it procured some drunken goat cheese and vintage Van Gogh Gouda. This made for my Thursday dinner and I suppose it was very European of me but very satisfying. The butter was spectacular, i suggest you try it but more importantly seek out better ingredients just for the experience.

Now to find some nice olives to accompany my bread cheese and butter diet.