Crossing the Rubicon

or Mississippi.

4.5 years, 4 jobs when I only moved for 1, countless memories, 1.85 plates, many great friends.

i’ve been blessed…

but by this time i will have crossed the Mississippi river and well on my way back to Texas.

I still remember crossing the Mississippi the first time toward Tennessee 8 years ago in moving truck and then moving here in another moving truck 4.5 years ago.  This time I will be moving back in my car having reduced my worldly possessions to ten boxes shipped via fedex and everything else crammed into my car. it is true that the things you own end up owning you.. but i’ve downsized quite a bit now.

and thus begins a new chapter… Goodbye Nashville.

Change is coming…

We’ve heard a lot of this phrase in the past year but the truth of the matter is, things are pretty much always changing. The real struggle is managing your expectations and dealing with the changes that are part of life.

On that note… alea iacta est — the die has been cast . i’m moving back to texas in the next week or so.

Nashville has had its share of good and bad just like any extended time in one place but it’s time to come back home.