Sailing, Fear, Respect and Mosquitos

Yesterday I did something that was a bit out of character for me. In general i wouldn’t call myself very adventurous but when an invite came to join some friends sailing, after a little hesitation, I accepted. Hesitation because i tend to sink like a rock in the water and I can’t swim. But i was assured a life jacket was all i needed to stay afloat.


I must say the conditions were ideal and it was exhilarating sailing for the very first time, the fresh ocean air, the wind in your face and just enjoying the day with good friends. I still have a healthy respect for the sea and i really need to learn to swim. I’m hope to go sailing again some day.

We followed up the sailing with a wonderful grilled meal and two types of salads. The only damper on the evening was the swarm of mosquitos that joined us but that is  just part of communing with nature. 🙂

I’ve decided to be more adventurous it makes for better stories  than sitting on a couch all day long.

Stay thirsty my friends.