After many months off the blog wagon due to a failed upgrade of movable type i’ve switched to WordPress. goodness it is soo much easier to install and get working. i still haven’t figured out everything or finished customizing but figured i should try to get a post in on the first day of 2006.

NYE was quite a treat as i got to hang out with some old friends and meet some new ones. Dinner was practically obscene as we dined at Morton’s for steaks.  sadly no pictures are available but i think i was high on prime beef.

Dinner for 6.. well it was supposed to be 6.. 5 with Nastr, Dr. dennis and Carter & kelly. Old friends, new friends and lively discussion the night was a success already but then the food arrived — and let me tell you it was some fine dining.
I dined on – broiled scallops wrapped in bacon, oysters, a prime dry aged porterhouse steak, asparagus, mushrooms, creamed spinach, several fine bottles of wine and chocolate cake.

Then we moved the celebrations to the saucer were the saucer diaspora minus mikehon convened a meeting of the minds and glasses. it was a madhouse and the service was spotty at best but we found a table and were together all was well.
Over dinner as i was getting acquainted with my new friends i ended up telling different stories about my life and i think the conclusion that we came to was that it would make a sad tragic soap opera. at least i was laughing at the stories in retrospect.
Funny how life is… i think in 2006 i’d like to see some more comedy and romance..

– that is all